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Becky Milnor Art

Cecil the Stag

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Cecil is a magnificent stag, standing proudly against his golden backdrop.  He is emerging from the moorland of cotton grass and dominating the landscape.

I was inspired to paint Cecil after a trip back to my childhood home in North Devon.  Driving across rugged Exmoor I remembered the beautiful creatures which roam freely across the moors.  I have been lucky enough to spot red deer and stags in the past and a sighting always brings such joy.

Stags are gregarious mammals, and their presence evokes feelings of wonderment.  Their antlers are spectacular and I love the natural symmetry of the horns.  I can hear the deep, loud resonating bellow of a stag in my mind.  These prestigious creatures reflect the awe and beauty of the natural world.

The rich colours of Cecil stand out from the glorious gold backdrop.  Gold leaf sparkles in bright light and glows in lower light, oozing luxury and elegance.  This painting is mesmerising, perfect to enrich any decor with a large space.

Size: 104cm x 104cm x 5cm (including frame)

Canvas is 100cm x 100cm x 3.5cm

An original painting.  Gold leaf metal underlay and acrylic paint on canvas.  Signed on the front.  Canvas is set within a 1cm thick x 3.5cm deep wooden tray frame hand painted in a dark blue colour.

This painting is sent to you wrapped in recycled bubble wrap, cardboard corner protectors and corregated cardboard on the outer layer.

Please Note: Colour varies from screen to screen and devices.   Colours are captured as accurately as possible.  The process of applying gold leaf involves an underlay of red paint, there may be very small areas where the red is visible.


FREE postage to mainland UK.  Please email me (  to calculate shipping costs outside of mainland UK.

At Becky Milnor Art I aim to deliver your painting as soon as possible. For originals your order will be shipped within 3 days of payment and you will receive your order within 5-7 days.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love it!

  • Beautiful painting!

    "I am so delighted that I bought a Becky Milnor original. The gold brings a vibrancy and opulence which is so impressive. I was bowled over by the beauty of the painting."

    Harriet Palmer

  • This painting is a treasure!

    "I am completely in love with Clariisa the Crane. I love the hues of Clarissa's plummage against the vibrancy of the moon and the delicacy of the grasses. Thank you so much Becky, this painting is a treasure."

    Jacqueline Ricketts

  • Amazing service

    " WOW! In the flesh it's even better, I didn't think that was possible! It is really, really wonderful. The frame is also fantastic. I really, really love it."

    Lisa Sutcliffe