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Transform your home with a commissioned piece of unique art.

If you're searching for a painting that adds a real wow factor to your space or a bespoke piece to complement your interior staye and colour scheme, look no further.

I specialise in translating your ideas into a custom creation that perfectly fits your space.  A bespoke piece of artwork that will be treasured for ever.

Let's embark on this creative journey together.  Fill in the box below to start a no-obligation chat, and let's bring your vision to life!


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Past commissions and customer reviews

" We absolutely love the painting Becky did of our dog Shipley.  The brief was closely followed and resulted in us getting exactly what we wanted from this commission.  I would highly recommend Becky to anyone who is looking to get something special created!"

Ross Riley, West Midlands

"Thank you Becky for the amazing art commission.  The painting is mesmerising and that is exactly how I want to feel when I look at it.  The detail and colours we chose together simply blow my mind and I love the way the light bounces off the gold detail when I walk into the room.  It looks stunning from every angle!

If you want to create the painting of your dreams then I recommend working with Becky."

Helen Adcock, Portishead

"I'm completely in love with Clarissa the Crane who is a stunning addition to my lounge! Being able to hear cranes calling close to my home, I wanted a painting that would depict my vision of one of them standing in the moonlight.  Becky researched cranes and their habitat and used her artistic talent to translate my awkward sketch into something absolutely beautiful.  I love the hues of Clarissa's plumage against the vibrancy of the moon and the delicacy and apparent movement of the grasses.  Thank you so much Becky, this painting is a treasure!"

Jacqueline Ricketts, Somerset