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Phileas the Pheasant Photo Art Print

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I find pheasants fascinating to look at. These long-tailed game birds have rich chestnut, golden brown and black markings on their bodies and tails. Their dark green heads create a striking contrast against the bright red face wattling.

I was inspired to paint Phileas after a trip to my childhood home on Exmoor. Pheasants roam the moors in abundance and their distinctive crow fills the landscape. Seeing a pheasant reminds me of that feeling of tranquility and joy that being outdoors in nature brings.

This stunning print is on a premium photographic paper with a satin lustre finish.  Preferred by professional photographers, the finish provides a subtle pearl-like texture. This paper produces impressive colour depth and strikingly intense blacks.

Delivered to you wrapped in tissue paper and rolled in a heavy cardboard roll.

- Prints are made to order, please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David J
Looks great!

Will be looking to get another from Becky Milnor Art.

Sara Cole
Absolutely beautiful print

I fell in love with Estelle the Kingfisher immediately, such gorgeous colours and I loved the pink flowers against the gold background. The print arrived really quickly and is such good quality it could easily be mistaken for the original painting. I love your work Becky, Estelle is a beautiful addition to our house.

Suzie Morris
Pierre The Peacock

He is an absolute stunner - very handsome and engaging! ….. I bought this for a friend, she will love it,- if she gets to receive it….now, undecided …I think Pierre may want to stay where he is?!

The print has such vibrant colours, it is beautifully mounted, it is so hypnotic, Pierre really ‘looks’ into your eyes -a very provocative piece of artwork…. Becky is very talented xx

  • Beautiful painting!

    "I am so delighted that I bought a Becky Milnor original. The gold brings a vibrancy and opulence which is so impressive. I was bowled over by the beauty of the painting."

    Harriet Palmer

  • This painting is a treasure!

    "I am completely in love with Clariisa the Crane. I love the hues of Clarissa's plummage against the vibrancy of the moon and the delicacy of the grasses. Thank you so much Becky, this painting is a treasure."

    Jacqueline Ricketts

  • Amazing service

    " WOW! In the flesh it's even better, I didn't think that was possible! It is really, really wonderful. The frame is also fantastic. I really, really love it."

    Lisa Sutcliffe